The Importance of Dedicated Hearing Care from a Professional

In the United States, hearing loss ranks third among chronic physical conditions, twice as common as diabetes and cancer. Today, hearing loss affects 48 million Americans, which is approximately 20 percent of our population. Recognizing how prevalent this condition is, President Biden signed an Executive order allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter.

The goal of this measure was aimed at lowering the cost of hearing care and, at first glance, appeared to be a good strategy to ensure everyone is covered. But can OTC products ever match the expertise and knowledge of a specialist? Furthermore, are home solutions even safe? We’re exploring the importance of dedicated hearing care from a professional. 

Reasons to See a Professional for Your Hearing Care

Because you deserve the best hearing care available, let’s take a look at the key reasons you need to make an appointment with an audiologist.  

Experience and Expertise

Individuals develop hearing loss in different ways and have unique communication needs, so diagnosing hearing loss accurately and selecting the right hearing aids are crucial to a successful outcome. Dedicated hearing care professionals have the experience and training to diagnose and treat hearing loss and other auditory issues.

Fit and Quality  

Your hearing aid should be fitted specifically for your hearing range and anatomy. The adjustment to wearing hearing technology takes time, and there might be a period of discomfort that requires professional help. A dedicated hearing care professional will work with you during this period to ensure you get the right hearing aid and will also provide the post care necessary for continued success with your device.

Hearing Health 

Hearing care professionals are committed to your overall hearing health and often treat hearing disorders. Two common disorders include tinnitus and balance disorders. Tinnitus is a symptom that can be caused by a number of factors, with one main factor being age related hearing loss. Tinnitus causes a ringing in the ears absent of external sound. Balance disorders can also be a result of hearing issues, since the inner ear governs the body’s equilibrium.


Apart from achieving a better fit and receiving professional support from a hearing specialist, there is evidence that programming your own hearing technology or choosing a one-size-fits-all solution can be harmful. In order to get the right hearing aids for you, your local hearing professional will conduct a series of hearing tests. The use of a hearing aid that is too loud can further damage your hearing, and wearing one that is ill-fitted can lead to painful wax buildup and even ear infections.


Purchasing an over-the-counter hearing aid may save you money upfront, but seeking treatment from a licensed audiologist is a better investment for your overall hearing health. From warranty protection to professional cleanings, state-of-the-art exam equipment and advice on upgrades, an audiology clinic offers the best value.  We understand hearing aids are a big investment, but with many options available, our team will work with you to obtain the best value. Our team is with you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing and better health.  

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