Can Hearing Aids Cause Headaches?

If you’ve recently started using hearing aids, you may be wondering if they’re causing headaches. And if so, what can you do about them? 

In this article, we’ll go over the causes of headaches from hearing aids and how to deal with them.

Can Hearing Aids Cause Headaches?

The short answer is yes. Hearing aids can cause headaches.

There could be many reasons someone might develop a headache from wearing their hearing aid. It could be because you have problems with your ear mold (the piece that fits into your ear) or because you have an infection in the ear canal. 

If you have taken too long to get hearing aids after the onset of hearing loss, there is a high chance that the new device will cause headaches or migraines.

How to Prevent Hearing Aids Causing Headaches

To avoid headaches caused by hearing aids, you need to make sure:

You Get the Right Fit

It’s important that your hearing aids are correctly fitted for you. If your hearing aid doesn’t fit properly in your ear, there are a few things that can go wrong:

  • It might be too large and irritate your skin
  • It might not fit correctly and make noises or feedback when you talk on the phone
  • It might not work at all because it’s not placing sound correctly in your ear canal

You Choose the Right Type

Just like regular glasses or contacts don’t work for everyone, not all types of hearing aids work for everyone. If it’s uncomfortable, hard to use, or doesn’t fit well in your ear, you’ll probably experience headaches. 

If you find yourself experiencing problems with your device, talk with your hearing healthcare specialist about available options. At Regional Hearing and Balance Center, our specialists will work with you to pick the right device. We factor in lifestyle, hearing needs, and any other special requirements you may have. 

You have a Positive Attitude

It’s essential to have a positive attitude when you start hearing aid therapy. You may find that your attitude makes a difference in how long it takes for you to adjust and accept the hearing aids, if at all. 

If you’re still experiencing headaches from your hearing aids, please book an appointment to speak with our hearing healthcare specialists. We’d be happy to check the fit of your device, and see how we can maximize your listening experience. 

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