3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Hearing Aid

When it comes to choosing the right hearing device, there’s a lot of options to consider. From the technical aspect, the fit, the level of benefit and hearing improvement you might gain, even things like contract and repair services offered can greatly impact your decision-making process. 

Purchasing a hearing device can be a pretty lengthy and complicated decision. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help you on your journey. Here are 3 things to consider when selecting your hearing aid. 

3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Hearing Aid

As a person with a hearing impairment, you probably have a lot of questions if you’re researching devices. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your impairment is unique to yourself. Even though you may have friends or family that are living with any range of hearing impairments, the devices and hearing aids that may work well for them may not be optimal for you. 

But where do you even start? Do you run to Amazon and order one? Do you need to purchase through your local hearing clinic? Do you get online and order directly from a hearing aid manufacturer? 

There are pros and cons to all of these, so let’s look at your options.

Ordering Directly from a Manufacturer 

If you decide to order your hearing aid directly from a device manufacturer, you have the option of working directly with your audiologist or auditory specialist first. They can assist you and help direct you to an appropriate device, and you can make the purchase yourself. 

Although ordering directly allows you to be a bit more specific with the type of technology and device you want, it comes with disadvantages too. Online directly doesn’t include the ongoing support that you will get from a local hearing aid clinic. If your hearing aid needs an adjustment, you will have to come in to visit a hearing aid specialist. 

Ordering directly does have its advantages, but for ongoing support and assistance, you can’t beat a local hearing center.

Ordering from Box Stores or Places like Amazon 

Oftentimes, these types of retailers offer the best prices on a select few types of some of the best hearing aids, and a selection of lesser quality devices. Usually these big names purchase products in bulk, so they can offer you the discounted price of their lots. This can be a great deal for consumers, and if you’ve researched the device you’d like, and they happen to stock it, even better. 

You have to consider that they don’t require any sort of hearing evaluation to help you select a device. In most cases, they don’t offer any guarantees on your device or ongoing service and support. 

Just like with ordering directly from the manufacturer, ordering from somewhere like Amazon or a box store does have its pitfalls.

Traditional Hearing Care Providers 

It wasn’t until recently that consumers were even given the option of ordering their hearing aids online or through box store type retailers. Traditionally, you would have to visit your hearing healthcare specialist, and they would help you choose a hearing aid. 

It may be considered a lengthy process, but they’re really the ultimate hearing aid buying guide. Your hearing specialist will evaluate you and provide you with information based on recommendations for your specific impairment. They can direct you towards hearing aids that will give you optimal hearing, and they’ll be there every step of the way. They’ll help you fit your device, they’ll recommend adjustments, and they’ll provide you with resources to help you maintain your devices as well. 

For all these reasons and more, this is the best option when purchasing & selecting your hearing aid device.

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At Regional Hearing and Balance Center, we know that it can be hard to accept you need help with a hearing loss. That’s why our hearing care professionals want to make the process as easy as possible. For example, did you know that you can bring a loved one with you to your hearing evaluation? This allows our team to evaluate your hearing loss with the voice of someone you’re already familiar with. It really does help in selecting the right device, and making sure the necessary adjustments are made. 

Purchasing a hearing aid can be a life-changing investment. While there are options available to you, the best way to ensure personal care and attention is to go through your local hearing center. The team at Regional Hearing and Balance Center will guide you through the process, help adjust your device, and provide ongoing support in the future. If you’d like to learn more, or to book an appointment today, call 208-497-3596.

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