When is it Time to Update your Hearing Aid?

An estimated 48 million Americans have some form of impaired hearing. For many, hearing aid devices are helping to address their hearing loss. These small devices can be a life changing investment and open up a new world of sound. If you wear hearing aids, you’re likely familiar with how life-changing they can be!

Unfortunately like most things, they do not last forever. If you’ve adjusted to live with hearing aid devices, it’s difficult to imagine no longer having them. But how do you know when it’s time to update your hearing aid devices? We’re delving into this question to help you understand when you  may need an upgrade. 

When is it Time to Update your Hearing Aid? 

Hearing aid devices can last up to 10 years. A few people may even have hearing aid devices last longer. On average, however, hearing aids are expected to have an average lifespan of about 3 – 7 years. A few things can impact the lifespan of your hearing aid. These include: 

  1. Maintenance – Appropriately maintaining your hearing aid can help extend its lifespan. For tips on maintaining your hearing aids, click here
  2. Normal Wear and Tear – The more often you wear your hearing aid devices, the more wear and tear they are likely exposed to. 
  3. Hearing Aid Build – Like many electronics, how your hearing aid is built can have an effect on its longevity. 

If you’re not getting the same listening experience from your hearing aid devices, you may be considering replacing them. This is not the only reason you may need to upgrade though. Other factors to consider include: 

  1. Changes to your baseline hearing – Is your device not working as well as it used to? Or has your baseline hearing changed. Even if you protect your hearing, it is possible that your hearing loss has worsened. If you have noticed a difference in the performance of your hearing aid devices, we recommend first booking a hearing assessment with your local hearing clinic.   
  2. Lifestyle Changes – If you’ve had changes to your lifestyle, your old hearing aid device may no longer be the most suitable. Lifestyle changes could include a new living situation, new hobbies, or even a new occupation. This can all impact the requirements you have from your hearing aid devices.

    If your issues with your hearing aids coincide with lifestyle changes, it could be that your devices need replacing. Your local hearing specialist will be able to determine if this is the case, and help you find the right device for you. 
  1. New Technology – Technology is continually evolving, and hearing aid technology is no different. Over time, the features that hearing aids offer can change quite significantly. It’s always worth asking your hearing clinic if there are any new updates or features you should be aware of. 

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