What is One-Sided Hearing Loss?

If you’re experiencing difficulty hearing in one ear, you may have one-sided hearing loss. Also known as single-sided deafness (SSD) or unilateral hearing loss (UHL), it is not a common type of hearing loss. 

Most individuals who have a hearing loss experience a hearing loss in both ears, although the hearing loss may be slightly worse in one ear than another. 

What Causes One-Sided Hearing Loss?

One-sided hearing loss generally occurs instantly, most commonly the result of a specific incident. Some of the more common causes are:

  • Injury to your ear
  • Blockage in your ear
  • Illness
  • An ear tumor
  • A reaction to medication

What are the Symptoms of One-Sided Hearing Loss?

The loss of hearing in one ear is the most common symptom of one-sided hearing loss. Other common symptoms include: 

  • An inability or difficulty hearing conversation on the side of the ear that’s been affected.
  • Difficulty understanding conversations or speech in places with background noise
  • Difficulty determining where a sound or speech originates from
  • Greater difficulty concentrating in large or open environments
  • Difficulty communicating socially

How is One-Sided Hearing Loss Treated?

One-sided hearing loss may be treatable, but it’s important to seek treatment as early as possible. If you suspect that you may be experiencing one-sided hearing loss, please book in to see a hearing care professional today. Your chances of recovery improve with early treatment and diagnosis. Common treatment options for one-sided hearing loss include:

  • Steroid medication
  • Antibiotics
  • Surgery
  • Hearing devices for the affected ear

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