Understanding Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Do you have hearing loss? Chances are if you do, you don’t even know it. This is because hearing loss happens slowly over time and isn’t as recognizable as you might think. 

People with gradual hearing loss just don’t recognize when they don’t hear the soft sounds of the birds chirping in the morning anymore or they don’t miss the light elevator music happening in the background. It is usually friends and family that notice their friend or loved one is turning up the television too loud or asking “what” too often. 

In our blog today we will explore the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, and when you should have your hearing evaluated.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Since hearing loss is hard to recognize when it’s happening to you, we wanted to highlight the common signs of hearing loss so that you can know what to look out for. In actuality, there aren’t really any actual symptoms for hearing loss. It doesn’t hurt, your ears don’t look different, and since hearing loss is gradual it is often not very evident that you aren’t hearing well. 

The signs you might look for to identify if you have hearing loss might include:

  • If you listen to TV or music louder than everyone else needs to.
  • You might find yourself having difficulty hearing certain people speak. One of the more common types of hearing loss is a high-frequency hearing loss, which makes it difficult to hear higher voices like women and especially children.
  • Are you asking “what” often and with many different people?
  • One of the most common signs you are experiencing hearing loss comes from your friends and family telling you they recognize you aren’t hearing them.

If you recognize one or more of these “signs” of hearing loss, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation

What to Expect with a Hearing Assessment?

Just as there is no pain associated with hearing loss, a hearing assessment is also painless and non-invasive. When you schedule a hearing assessment with us, you can expect the whole process to take about an hour. 

We will review your medical history, discuss your concerns, and then proceed with the hearing assessment. Once that is completed, we will share the results with you so that you won’t have to wait. 

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