Hearing Aid Accessories for Active Lifestyles

An estimated  40 million Americans over 18 report some degree of hearing difficulty. For many of these people, hearing aid devices help to improve their listening experience and quality of life. 

We know that hearing aids are a personal choice. To get the most out of your hearing aid devices, it is important that they fit into your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time on Zoom video calls, for example, you may be interested in a Direct Link Streamer. 

In the same way, the accessories that you choose for your hearing aids should fit your lifestyle.

Top 5 Hearing Aid Accessories for Active Lifestyles

Do you live an active lifestyle? If so, you’ll want hearing aid accessories that suit an active lifestyle. Here are 5 hearing aid accessories that are great for active lifestyles. 

1. Hearing Aid Batteries 

It’s important to be able to wear your hearing aids when you’re engaged in activities. They’ll allow you to listen to any instructions or comments from your teammates. Equally, they will help keep you alert and aware of your surroundings. 

Unless you wear rechargeable hearing aids, your hearing aids likely use hearing aid batteries. Make sure that you keep a spare pair of hearing aid batteries on you, in case your current batteries run out. 

2. Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Moisture and electronic devices are not a great match. Similarly, moisture can potentially damage your hearing aid devices. 

If you live an active lifestyle, you are likely building up a sweat on a regular basis. Drying out your hearing aids after use, particularly if you live in a humid environment, can keep them in optimal condition. 

Store your hearing aids in the dehumidifier overnight, or whenever you are not wearing them. A hearing aid dehumidifier is useful even if you don’t live in a humid climate. Even moving in between the cold and heated buildings, condensation can build up and cause trouble for your hearing aids. 

3. Cleaning Kit

Your hearing aids need regular maintenance and care. Keeping your devices clean helps prevent any problems that could affect how your devices work. Cleaning your hearing aids after a strenuous workout helps prolong their life span, and can help protect the quality of the sound. 

Make sure your hearing aid cleaning kit includes: wax pick or wire loop, a cleaning brush, multitool with a brush and wax loop, and a hearing aid case. 

4. Bluetooth Compatible Technology  

If your hearing aid devices are Bluetooth compatible, there are a number of accessories that you could benefit from. For example, let’s say you’ve decided to commit to the Couch to 5K program. This app will send you regular reminders on when to speed up, when to slow down, and when to take a rest. With Bluetooth connectivity, these prompts can play directly into your hearing aid. 

5. Sweatband or Hearing Aid Clips

A simple sweatband can be a great hearing aid accessory if you life an active lifestyle. A sweatband can help prevent sweat from getting in your ears or on your hearing aids. Hearing aid clips can also be a useful accessory. Clips can help prevent your hearing aids from falling out during activity.

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